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EJOT® Iso-Team

Assembly elements for the reliable fastening of attachments to External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS).
Approved fastening element for fastening medium-heavy to heavy attachments.

The Iso-Corner is an installation angle with two mounting surfaces for a variable fixing position with up to two attachment points. Thanks to its continuous material (polyurethane hard foam), it contributes to the reduction of thermal bridges.

Together with three fastening kits which are tuned to the substrates, as well as an EJOT DELTA PT® screw for fastening the attachment in the installation angle, this results in a perfectly coordinated fastening system.

Additional work steps are not necessary because the EJOT DELTA PT® screw can be fastened directly.

Products which are installed before or during the completion of the ETICS have an impact on the whole system and are thus sold exclusively by the system provider.

Application examples
  • Railings
  • Guardrails
  • Folding and sliding shutters
  • Consoles, e.g. for air-conditioning units etc.
The Iso-Dart comprises one installation bush made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic including a high-quality EPDM sealing washer, one facade anchor (Ø 8 mm) and one reduction insert.

With the Iso-Dart, attachments can be mounted by taking up common Ø 9 mm coarse thread screws or Ø 9 mm hanger bolts with M10 neck thread as well as Ø 5 to 6 mm coarse thread screws with the accompanying reduction insert.

Application examples
  • Downpipe brackets
  • Signs & billboards
  • Folding shutter latches
  • Lamps etc.
The Iso-Bar is a thermally separated fastener with an M12 metric neck thread, made of stainless steel and additional sealing element. Due to the thermal separation, the Iso-Bar features a low thermal bridge effect and thanks to the provided EPDM sealing, it permanently seals the facade against moisture. The EJOT Iso-Bar is available in four lengths and thus ensures a completely flexible usage on-site.

The embedment with injection mortar can be done in concrete as well as solid brick or perforated brick.

Application examples
  • Marquees
  • Awnings
  • Consoles, e.g. for air-conditioning units
  • Trellis etc.
The Iso-Spiral is a spiral-shaped plastic installation anchor including a sealing washer suitable for retrofitting lightweight attachments to ETICS facades which have already been plastered.

The anchor is inserted through the plaster layer directly into the insulation without pre-drilling.

Application examples
  • Letterboxes
  • Lamps
  • House numbers etc.
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Fastening system for the retrofitting light to medium heavy attachments on ETICS facades.
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Approved fastening element for retro-fitting medium-heavy to heavy attachments to ETICS facades.
EJOT® Iso-Bar
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