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EJOT® Iso-Bar

Approved fastening element for retro-fitting medium-heavy to heavy attachments to ETICS facades.


Product Description
EJOT Iso-Bar is a thermally separated fastener with an M12 metric neck thread, made of stainless steel and additional sealing element. It is anchored using injection mortar and it can be fixed into concrete as well as into solid and perforated brick.
Field of application
For retro-fitting of medium-heavy to heavy attachments to ETICS facades. e.g.
  • Awnings
  • Porch roofs
  • Consoles, f.e. for air conditioning units
  • Trellises
  • Low classified thermal bridge effect
  • Subsequent, flexible installation
  • Can be cut to length on site to suit the conditions of the substrate
  • Small product variety for insulation thicknesses up to 300 mm
  • Permanent seal against moisture - driving rain test according to DIN EN 12155
  • Easy and safe installation with innovative assembly tools
  • Expansion-pressure free installation
  • When used in combination with Multifix USF winter mortar it can be installed at temperatures down to -20 degrees

Flexible use – suitable for any insulation thickness!

Due to the possibility of cutting to length on site to suit the insulation thickness,
a more manageable product range can be stored on site, also reducing storage
space. The EJOT Iso-Bar is available in four different lengths and ensures flexible
use on the construction site.

Advantages at a glance

The advantages of the EJOT Iso Bar show during installation and application.

Annular slit
An annular milled opening is created in the render using the installation tool.
Unrestrained movement
The resulting annular slit allows unrestricted displacement of the attachment once installed.

The high-quality, elastic EPDM seal protects the ETICS against penetrating moisture.

For render with a grain size > 3 mm the use of an elastic sealant between the seal and the render is recommended.
Defined setting position
Use the installation tool for a safe and easy installation.

The Iso-Bar simply pushes into the drilled hole until the collar of the installation tool, functioning as a predefined depth control, makes contact with the render.

Thereby ensuring the optimal axial and radial position of the mounting system. Damage of the render by displacement of the attachment under load is therefore prevented.
Thermal separation
The reinforced glass fibre plastic provides a proven minimal thermal bridge with a maximum load capacity, avoiding unnecessary heat loss and risk of internal condensation.

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