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The new EVO PT® screw is going to set standards in direct fastening into plastic. In addition to excellent fastening properties and exceptionally flexible mounting options, the predictability of the connection, even under operating conditions, allows verification of the system at an early stage in the customer’s development.

Evolutionary advantages for your plastic components

The EVO PT® is the evolutionary development of the self-tapping screw for thermo-plastics. With this innovative fastening solution, EJOT has successfully combined pro-duction and application technology knowledge with new methods based on physical computer simulations for the first time. The result is a screw which sets completely new standards in direct fastening into plastic.

More reliable positioning, high fastening quality
The newly developed "start-of-thread" of the EVO PT® allows for an easy and straight positioning in the screw hole. The special positioning thread thus generates an equal load distribution over the circumference of the thread flanks in installed condition, since the screw is centered automatically in the screw hole during the installation.  This ensures a high repeat accuracy and a significantly higher fastening quality.

Reduced parts variety, increased economic efficiency
During the installation phase, the innovative forming thread turn creates a torque curve which is virtually independent of the installation depth. This enables smaller installation spaces or a standardization of screw lengths and tightening torques which directly have an impact on your process chain.

Digital service for optimized components
The digital calculation service EVO CALC® offers you the possibility to pre-calculate the torques and clamp loads as well as the clamp load relaxation under temperature and time. Furthermore, EJOT provides you with an individual, FEM-based component analysis with which you save time and money - beginning with the design of your component.


The first intelligent thread

Characteristics and features of the EVO PT® screw
The EJOT team developed the EVO PT® drawing on vast experience and a genuine passion for fastening technology. Nothing has been left to chance, everything consistently geared to your benefit. The key features at a glance:
1. Bionic contour
Safety margins for challenging applications

• Higher fatigue strength
• Higher breaking torque
• Higher tensile breaking stress

2. Thread forming zone
Reduced friction during thread forming
  • Thread forming torque is virtually independent of the installation depth
  • Installation-depth-independent tightening torques
  • Reduced parts variety - one screw, one tightening torque per assembly group
  • Uniform tube design
  • Supports carry-over part strategies

Large torque window thanks to small installation torque Me

  • High installation reliability
  • High plant availability
  • Compensation of process fluctuations
3. Lead-in thread
Automatic centring of the screw in the screw hole
  • Stable installation process during initial assembly
  • Line-integrated, fully automated repeat assembly
  • Constant, low-stress surface connection

Smaller counterbore depth

  • Less installation space required
  • Usage of purchased parts possible without unloading

Automatic compensation in case of axial misalignment (screw/screw hole)

  • Compensation of component tolerances

4. 26° flank angle
Excellent plastic forming
  • One flank geometry, suitable for all common thermoplastics reduced radial load in the component

Constant torque over the installation depth

Characteristics and features of the EVO PT® screw
The EJOT team developed the EVO PT® drawing on vast experience and a genuine passion for fastening technology. Nothing has been left to chance, everything consistently geared to your benefit. The key features at a glance:
1. Application and forming of the first thread
Dotted line - Conventional torque curve in Nm
Red line - Torque EVO PT® in Nm
Blue line - Clamp load in kN
2. Thread forming
3. Final tightening
The thread forming process
The unique thread forming zone of the EVO PT® allows for an almost constant installation torque over the installation depth. The thread forming zone forms a thread turn in the female material which is slightly larger than the clearance that the following thread turns require. Thus, the EVO PT® creates a precisely calculated clearance so that the following thread turns can penetrate into the plastic without any appreciable friction. You can recognize this by the flattening installation torque curve with increasing installation depth (picture 1 and 2). The clearance created through the pre-forming with the forming thread turn has a size which approximately corresponds to the elastic recovery of the used plastic material. This means that the plastic re-attaches to the thread flanks after the screw has been completely inserted (picture 3).
EVO PT Torque
Torque curve of conventional direct fastening into plastic compared to the EVO PT®
EJOT EVO PT® – is all about you

We want you to
• Plan and produce in a cost- and time-optimised way
• Produce process-reliably and without errors
• Enthuse your customers with your quality before and after the order placement
• Receive the order
• Quickly have your product ready for serial production

Advantages for
Design engineers

• Maximum mechanical safety
• Precise performance forecasting
• No thread inserts necessary
• Relieving the time budget

Advantages for
Process engineers

• Maximum plant availability
• Maximum process reliability
• Consolidation of parts
• Error avoidance
• Harmonised assembly concepts

Advantages for
Quality managers

• Reduced effort for sampling, series and inspection
• Low error potential
• Consolidation of parts

Advantages for

• Competitive purchase prices
• Consolidation of quantities
• Reduced complexity
• Low total project costs
• Consolidation of suppliers

A screw goes digital - EVO CALC®

Preliminary design of your screw joint with EVO CALC®

The prognosis program EVO CALC® especially developed for this screw enables the fast and precise determination of all values and information concerning the installation of the EVO PT® which are important for your project. This comprises, for example, the creation of a design recommendation, the calculation of the relevant torques, the determination of different forces such as the clamp load at the tightening torque as well as the presentation of possible failure modes in case of overload. The results provide you with immediate information on whether your assembly group is already optimally designed for your requirements or what has to be done to achieve your optimum. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your application engineer.

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